What To Expect

3 out 5 new patients that see Dr. Jenna admit they feel “very nervous or scared about chiropractic care”. Because of this, your first visit is important to us! 

Your first visit is where we get to know you and hear what led you to Integrity Chiropractic.  It’s also where you learn what to expect from us. This time together will bring an understanding on why we do certain techniques and hopefully answer any and all concerns you may have. 

Imaging may be necessary but not required after your inital exam, and if so we will refer you out at that time based on your exam and evaluation. 

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What Happens During Your Visit

Let’s Hear From You

We will sit down and discuss your health and lifestyle goals. What brought you in today?

We Evaluate

Then we will do a thorough evaluation, including a spinal-neuro exam and typically your first adjustment same day.

Goal Time

If you are in pain, our first goal is to help you feel better! Then together we create a plan for acute, corrective, or wellness care that fits your needs.

What Others Are Saying

  • Integrity Chiropractic has a loving and friendly atmosphere. The environment is clean, filled with joyful staff, and so many informative posters and handouts. Dr. Jenna is very knowledgeable of the body and talented in working with people. I received her service for the first time at the end of my recent pregnancy and her chiropractic work brought such relief! Now I continue to utilize her services for postpartum healing and recovery. I'm so thankful for Dr. Jenna and Integrity Chiropractic.

    Keri Woods Avatar Keri Woods
  • Great care and service!

    Michael Moore Avatar Michael Moore
  • Great atmosphere and very knowledgeable, a great local business!

    Beau Miguez Avatar Beau Miguez
  • Helped me tremendously, very knowledgeable and trustworthy.

    Terry McNaight Avatar Terry McNaight
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